Property Damage Insurance Claims

You have a right to a fair and adequate investigation and to have your damages fairly evaluated. We can assist you in dealing with the insurance company to make sure your damages are fairly evaluated.

Rights of Insured

As the insured in an insurance contract, you have the right to the fair adjustment of a claim and to receive what the insurance company promised you. We can help you assert your rights pursuant to your insurance contract.

Homeowner Insurance Definition

You have a right to have your insurance company respond to a claim within a reasonable time, to reasonably communicate with you, and to not deny a claim without a proper investigation. We can help if your insurance company is not treating you fairly.

Construction and Damage Claims

You have a right to be treated fairly by your contractor or construction company. We can assist you in dealing with your contractor or construction company to hold them accountable for unfair
business/construction practices.

Homeowner 142A Construction Rights

Massachusetts Gen. Laws chapter 142A is a law to protect homeowners in their dealings with contractors and construction companies. We can help you assert your rights pursuant to a construction project and/or contract.

Homeowner 142A Definitions

Selected list of definitions under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 142A


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