The Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq. represents homeowners and property owners, including those who own commercial property.
The Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq. can assist you in dealing with the insurance company to make sure that your damages are fairly evaluated. We can also assist you to make sure that you are treated in a fair manner pursuant to the policy conditions.
We can generally provide assistance on any property damage claim to residential and commercial property.

This office has substantial experience in property damage matters including, but not limited to:

  • Fire and water damage
  • Construction claims and damage
  • Industrial claims and damage
  • Electrical, mechanical, and sprinkler failures

For more information, please visit our property damage claim page.

Under Massachusetts law, you have a right to a fair settlement.

For more information visit our rights of insured page and our property damage claim page.

Commercial insurance policies can be difficult to read and interpret. The Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq. can provide assistance to you by helping you understand your insurance coverage including:

  • The policy coverage
  • The policy benefits
  • The policy limitations and/or exclusions
  • Whether the policy provides coverage for your property
  • Whether the insurance policy provides coverage to defend and indemnify you in the event of a claim

For more information visit our property damage claim page.

The Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq. can provide assistance in helping you understand your homeowner or commercial property insurance policy.

For more information please visit our homeowner insurance definition page. The homeowner insurance definitions should be used as a guide; the definitions in your insurance policy are definitive and may be different.

We do not represent insurance companies as we work strictly for homeowners and property owners. Since 1992, Attorney Feener, a former claims adjuster and senior property examiner, has successfully assisted commercial and residential insureds in recovering money from various insurance companies.

Attorney Feener and the Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq. has been successfully handling homeowner and property claims for more than 27 years prior to being merged into the Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq. Attorney Feener was previously employed in the insurance industry as both an property claims examiner and adjuster

We handle homeowner and property claims on either a hourly or contingent basis depending on the facts, your documentation, and your request.
We do not typically charge for the first 30 minutes of an initial meeting as long as we are not being asked to create any documents and/or written opinions.

In many cases, the terms Reference or Appraisal is used interchangeably depending upon the insurance policy. Massachusetts law provides for the term Reference.

In matters involving property insurance where the only issue is the amount of damages, the insured/plaintiff is required to attempt to resolve the issue of damages through a Reference Proceeding which is provided for by both the policy of insurance and by M.G. L. c175 ยง99 (and subsequent sections).

This procedure involves the insurance company selecting a representative to sit on a three (3) person panel. The insured policy holder also selects a person to sit on this panel and the two (2) individuals select a third (3rd) person to complete the three (3) person panel.

Both the insurance company and the insured present their opinions, documents, and experts to the panel and the panel makes a decision concerning the amount of damages. This decision is binding among the parties unless either party can show substantial unfairness in the hearing process.

The insurance company is required to accept or reject the reward within thirty (30) days, otherwise they may be subject to the payment of interest. Generally, insurance companies make payment based on the referees reward.

The expense/cost of reference is shared equally among the insurance company and the insured. Each party pays for their own representative and half of the cost of the third referee/umpire.

Your first step should be to decide whether you have waited long enough to be paid and whether you are being treated fairly. If you feel that you have waited long enough, please call the Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq. at 617-420-7700.