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Homeowner Insurance Focus

  1. Homeowner insurance policy endorsement
  2. Vandalism damage and your insurance
  3. Recorded statements and homeowner insurance claims
  4. Business Property Insurance: Is my business personal property covered under my Homeowner Policy?
  5. Firearm Liability Coverage: Am I covered by my Homeowner insurance Policy for injury or damage?
  6. Firearms Insurance Coverage: Coverage under Section I of the Homeowner Insurance Policy for firearms
  7. Do I need an attorney for an Examination Under Oath?
  8. What is Reference under Massachusetts H0-3 Insurance Policy?
  9. What are some tips for a Homeowner Insurance HO-3 Claim?
  10. Duties and Obligations under a Homeowner Three Insurance Policy
  11. Non-Waiver and Reservation of Rights under Homeowners Insurance Policy
  12. Surface Water Exclusion Under Homeowner Three Insurance Policy
  13. Freeze Up Under a Homeowner Three Policy
  14. Statute of Limitations for Homeowner Claims
  15. What is Mediation?
  16. What is Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Value?

Home Improvement Contract Focus

  1. Home improvement contract cancellation
  2. Contractor demanding final payment
  3. Introduction to Home Owner Repair (M.G.L. c 142A)
  4. Things to Consider Before Signing a Home Improvement Contract
  5. Home Improvement Project Gone Wrong: Do I need an attorney?
  6. Home Improvement Renovations: What should I look for in a contractor?

Business Focus

  1. What are some Account Receivable Collection Tips for Small Businesses?
  2. Introduction to Business Owner Policy (BOP)
  3. Introduction to builders risk policy
  4. Introduction to dwelling policy
  5. Introduction to commercial package policy